3 Carpet Care Services Offer By Home Cleaners

When most people think of calling in a professional carpet cleaner, this is because they have a stain which they cannot remove using household cleaning products. While a professional carpet cleaner will certainly be able to help remove tough stains such as red wine from your carpets, that isn't the only reason you should use their services. A residential cleaning company can also offer you a range of other services which will help to keep your carpets in perfect condition. Below is a guide to some of these services.


When you buy a brand-new piece of carpet, it will have normally been treated with a solution which helps each fibre in the carpet to repel liquids. This action helps to stop spills from soaking into and spreading on the surface of the carpet. However, with wear and tear and over time, this protective coating can be worn away. A professional cleaning service will be able to reapply this coating so that your carpet is protected against spills.


You may notice that now and again your carpet builds up a static charge. This can be annoying, as you may keep receiving small electrical shocks when you touch a tap or other metal object and discharge the static which has built up on your body as you walk over the carpet. Secondly, static electricity creates an electromagnetic field which attracts hair and dust particles, holding them down on the surface of the carpet. A home cleaning service can treat your carpet with a product which prevents the build-up of static electricity on the fibres of your carpet, which means you don't have to worry about painful shocks or the formation of dust and hair on the surface of your carpet.


Finally, if you live in an area of Australia which experiences high levels of humidity, you may find that the carpets in your home are susceptible to mould and mildew. Mould and mildew can create a very unpleasant smell in your home and can also discolour and damage the surface of your carpet. You can combat this problem by asking a home cleaning service to apply an anti-fungal treatment to your carpet which will kill any mould spores.

If you would like to find out more about how a home cleaning service can help you to maintain your carpets, you should contact a residential cleaning company today for more information.