Should You Have Your Wedding Dress Dry-Cleaned Before You Sell it?

While some women keep their wedding dresses as reminders of their big day, you may feel less sentimental about your dress and have decided to sell it. You may not want to store a dress that you've worn once and will never wear again, preferring to let another bride use it. Plus, your wedding dress probably wasn't cheap – if you sell it on, you get some useful cash to help you start married life. Read More 

Two reasons why every business owner should hire a commercial cleaner to clean their premises

If you run a business, it is worth finding some commercial cleaners for hire in your local area and arranging for them to clean your premises on a regular basis. Read on to find out why.  To minimise the risk of your employees becoming ill Your business' productivity levels and overall profitability are likely to suffer tremendously if your employees often develop illnesses, such as colds, the flu and food poisoning, that result in them having to take time off work. Read More 

Commercial Floor Maintenance: Three Practical Tips for Cleaning Chemical Selection

Cleaning your commercial floors is an essential process in the maintenance of your business space. Poor upkeep of the flooring will cause staining. As a result, your building's interior will lose its aesthetic appeal and the approval of your customers. Also, you should remember that dirty floors can be hazardous. These surfaces might increase the risk of slippage, and they could harbour harmful microorganisms. Fortunately, you can prevent these problems by cleaning your floors regularly with an appropriate chemical solution. Read More