Tips for cleaning out the shed

It's all too easy to place items in the shed and forget about them. Every now and then it can be great to get in and give the shed a good clean out and get rid of some of the accumulated rubbish. Here are some tips. 

Contact a rubbish removal service with an environmental focus 

It's easy to hire any old skip bin but there are some restrictions on the items that you can place into many skip bins. Common shed items that can't be thrown in a skip bin include paint cans that still have liquid paint, cleaning products, and asbestos sheeting. Getting a skip bin company that can advise you clearly on which items can be thrown in general waste, as well as on how to dispose of the other items, can save you time and money in long run. 

Start 3 piles on the lawn

Empty out your shed entirely and place into three piles of 'donate or sell', 'continue to store' and 'dispose of'. By seeing all of the items laid out, you can get an idea on how much space you actually require and work out how to lay the shed out more effectively. (It can feel like more work removing items that you plan to keep but you will usually get a much better layout if you can visualise which items you will be left with as well as be able to assess how often you are likely to need to access each item.  

Label the new areas in the shed

Once you have the new shed contents planned, you can start to assess which items you want to store and how to lay them out in the shed. Once you have decided on the correct place for everything, it's a good idea to label the areas (e.g. sporting goods, gardening equipment, house spares and so on) so that you can easily find items in the future. This can also make it much easier to keep the shed clean and avoid rubbish clutter as you'll be able to quickly see when you get excess items building up in the shed. 

There is no time like now to start planning a big clear out of your shed. Getting rid of excess items can turn a cluttered and rarely used part of your property into useful space that you regularly access for storage and household maintenance.