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Banish Those Annoying Restroom Odours For Good

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When one of your responsibilities is arranging the maintenance and cleaning of your facility, the issue of keeping your public restrooms hygienic and fresh can be a constant concern. This guide will help you identify the chief causes of those annoying unpleasant odours and provide some tips to help you understand how they can be successfully managed by your commercial cleaners. Simple Cleaning Techniques Are Not Enough Public restrooms tend to be one of the areas in a building with the highest traffic and even restrooms that are mopped and cleaned daily can have a lingering odour. Regular cleaning methods with detergents and water are not sufficient to remove the cause of those distinct and annoying odours. What Causes The Odour? The major source of restroom odour is urine. Bacteria grow and feed in any lingering spots of urine, no matter how small. This undetected urine changes from an acid to a salty alkaline state and attracts moisture that allows the bacteria to grow. The bacterial growth keeps renewing and producing stronger odours until it is destroyed. This is why air fresheners can attempt to mask the odour for a short time, but because they cannot eliminate the bacteria, the smell will still remain. Sanitization Is Paramount To thoroughly counteract the odours, the urine salts, being the food source of the bacteria, need to be neutralised. Using An Acid Neutraliser An acid-based neutraliser will effectively break down the alkaline salts. For cleaning crews: The solution can either be mopped or sprayed onto tiles and grouting It should be left on the surfaced for a minimum of ten minutes to ensure effectiveness The surface can then be rinsed down PAA (Peroxyacetic Acid) is an effective sanitiser and is environmentally friendly as it breaks down into oxygen, acetic acid and water. Special attention should be given to wall and floor grouting, as this provides a perfect environment for the bacteria to grow and flourish. Using An Enzyme Based Product If you prefer not to use strong chemicals, you can specify that an enzyme-based product is used. It will work effectively, but needs to be used daily and its results will not be noticed for several days. The enzymes will digest the food source as well as the bacteria. Look for a product with a combination of enzymes: cellulose and protease are both well known to effectively digest bacteria and protein. Cleaners should be made aware that they should not use an enzyme-based cleaner in conjunction with a disinfectant. The disinfectant will destroy the enzymes before they have a chance to start digesting the bacteria. Restroom Deodorisers Once the source of the odour has been successfully eliminated, a regular cleaning routine using the right mix of cleaning products can then be maintained. Only then can some pleasant deodorising techniques be employed. A variety of deodorising techniques can be used, according to preference. They are available in time release sprays, solid deodorising blocks to be placed in individual toilet cubicles and others that are applied with each flush. For best results it is usually to choose one that can absorb humidity and filter the air, rather than one with a strong invasive fragrance. Deodorisers made from glycol are very effective. They operate by combining their molecules with the molecules of the odour to form a...

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Three Extra Cleaning Services You Need After Your Office Party Celebrations

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One of the best things about December is the opportunity to let your hair down and have fun at the office Christmas party. While the photos that appear on social media the next day may be particularly cringe-worthy, so is the mess left behind after the guests have departed. Take advantage of your reduced staff numbers over this Christmas holiday break by arranging for three key extra cleaning services. Carpet Cleaning Care to guesstimate exactly how much champagne was spilled on your office carpets last night? Not to mention those once succulent canapes that became small, ground up crumbs clogging up your carpet fibres. While a vacuum will pick up some of the carnage, it is not going to get rid of the off-license brewery smell that lingers the day after. You need to discuss one of these two carpet cleaning methods with your cleaner : If you need to get your carpets cleaned while keeping the office open for business, then the bonnet method is for you. During the bonnet method, a cleaning concentrate is sprayed over the carpet in a fine mist. Next, a cleaning machine that has a circular rotating base moves over the carpet. This machine loosens the dirt (and alcohol) particles that are hiding in the fibre. The carpet then dries, and is vacuumed over to collect the debris. Because only a light mist is used, the dry time is only a few hours. If you will be closing your office for the Christmas break, your cleaner can use a hot water extraction. This method involves a machine that pushes hot water into the carpet fibres, and then suctions it back out again so they don’t remain waterlogged. This type of cleaning is great for getting through the full depth of the carpet, and flushes out a lot of debris. However, the carpet should be given at least two days to fully dry after it has been performed. The Porcelain Throne Room The next part of your office that will no doubt need extra attention is the bathrooms. Let’s face it, not everyone at an office Christmas party manages to keep down the excessive amounts of alcohol and food that always seems so tempting at the time. Unfortunately, your office bathrooms may have born the brunt of this excessive consumption. Apart from the obvious gross factor, Streptococcus and E. coli viruses can both be found in unclean bathrooms. Ask your cleaner to do a deeper clean than usual that includes: A full disinfection of every toilet from the tank all the way to the back of the toilet stand. While many cleaners disinfect the toilet seat and bowl as part of a standard clean, a full top to toe clean is classified as an extra. Deep cleaning of the tile grout using a pressure washer, hand scrub, or air pressure cleaning system. This will get rid of the trace germs that don’t get removed during a standard wipe over. This extra level of cleaning should make sure that your bathrooms are smelling fresh as a daisy and ready for the return of your staff. Reception Couches As the night wore on, was the office Romeo spotted making out on the reception couch? Are there yet more remnants of food and drink to be found under the...

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