Managing Rubbish Down Chutes

Many multistory buildings have adopted the rubbish chutes system. And why not? Chutes are a convenience for apartment dwellers' garbage disposal needs on every floor irrespective of how high they are. When opting for rubbish chutes hire, however, there are several ways in which the users of these conveniences may rubbish your efforts. For a better experience with hired chutes, any building coop, business, or whichever type of installation can benefit from the following ideas.

What rubbish is this?

Yes, you will have to dictate what rubbish is thrown down the chutes. Several times, chutes get clogged up with the wrong rubbish. For instance, clothes, boxes,wires and such. These would get stuck along the walls and clog up the chutes at certain points before reaching down to a compactor. For a person using rubbish chute hire, this would result in a major inconvenience from the very convenience you tried to establish. Make clear labels and label every floor on what type of rubbish should be thrown down the chutes. Many people often end up dumping their Christmas trees down the chute, for instance, and end up blocking the chute at various levels. The costs that would arise from unblocking or fixing such chutes would clearly be unwelcome, especially if it's a frequent occurrence.

Clean the chutes?

If you have hired a rubbish chute, it is important to clean the chute frequently. Slime, mold, grease, and many other materials stick to the walls and build up. With time, this becomes a perfect nesting ground for pests and other animals. Cockroaches, for instance, would love such a dwelling. The same can attract fruit flies as well as many other bugs. Always ensure you clean the chutes with biodegradable detergents and even have extermination chemicals involved. Don't just rely on a simple flushing with water when you go with rubbish chute hire.

What other services can you offer?

It is also a good idea to offer services that will aid in the best use of your chute. Offer waste removal, or even the correct paper bags that you would want the users to use in your chute. Often, people load waste into grocery bags and dump them down the chutes. These easily break and the waste scatters leading to various situations within the chute. You can also offer alternative disposal areas for things like recyclables, inflammables, or even glass. In many occasions, users will improperly discard waste in rubbish chutes just because there was no readily available, easier, and convenient alternative. Try bridging that gap. For more information, contact companies like Qwik Chutes.