How to Ensure a Commercial Cleaning Company Is Thoroughly Cleaning Your Facility

When you hire a commercial cleaning company to clean your office, warehouse, production facility or other such location, you want to ensure that they're cleaning the space thoroughly and completely. A light dusting and mopping is often not enough to remove deep-down dirt and to ensure the space is hygienic and free of bacteria, germs and other such contaminants. Note a few questions to ask and details to cover with any such company, so you know they are cleaning the space thoroughly with each visit.


Wiping down surfaces to remove dust, fingerprints, ink from copiers and other such debris is not enough to really clean your space, as mentioned; it is better to always use a disinfectant, which actually kills germs. It might even be recommended that your cleaning company use a hospital grade disinfectant in your facility, which will kill the most types of germs; this is especially important for busy bathrooms or in a medical office, veterinary clinic and other places that may harbor harmful germs.

No-dip mopping

No-dip mopping means that a mop is not repeatedly dipped into water with every use but uses an absorbent type of pad for mopping. This can be important for avoiding cross-contamination and to ensure that floors are thoroughly cleaned, as string mops are not usually cleaned between uses but are simply dipped in dirty water and then wrung out.

Microfiber towels

Microfiber towels may not look much different than standard terrycloth, but microfiber materials have far more fibres that are intertwined and which actually pick up dust and dirt. Regular towels pick up some dust and other debris during cleaning but just push around and scatter the majority of dust and other irritants on desktops and other surfaces. Ask a cleaning service if they use microfiber towels or standard terrycloth, so you know if your surfaces will actually be clean and dirt-free.

HEPA filters

When you run a vacuum cleaner over carpeting, the air actually circulates through the vacuum and then back out a vent. The filter in the vacuum then traps dust, dirt, hair, and other debris and collects it in the canister or bag. A HEPA filter is much more effective at catching that debris as well as microscopic irritants and allergens. This can be very important for very dusty environments or if you have staff members who have allergies and sensitivities to dust and other irritants.