Dry Cleaning Tips You Should Never Forget

Technology has been evolving over the years to simplify things and make chores more manageable for you at home. Dry cleaning is a good example of such advancement that has been necessitated by the hardships people go through to clean certain types of garments. The process uses a solvent called DF2000 or perchloroethylene. The solution runs through the material of the clothing and  dissolves dirt, grime and oils before the mixture is extracted, leaving the material clean. If you plan on dry cleaning for the first time, here are important tips you must have at your fingertips:

Know Your Clothes

The first tip to getting the most of a dry cleaning session is understanding your clothes and the type of garments that you want to clean. On that note, it is important to go through the labels on your clothes before you dry clean. Labels are small tags used by manufacturers to communicate any special requirements that the cloth has in terms of cleaning, drying and ironing. Confirm that the garment is "dry clean only" or has no warning against dry cleaning.

Save the Cleaner Some Time

Before you take your clothes to a dry cleaning vendor, go through the pile and do a few things that will save you both time and money. For instance, make sure that you zip up all pieces of cloth with zippers so that your service provider doesn't spend too much time trying to get all the pieces in order. It will save the cycle time, as the cleaner can start with the cleaning process immediately. Zippers can cause lots of destruction by snagging other items in the course of cleaning. The same thing applies to pockets. You must empty them to avoid accidents.  

Take Note of Stains

When heaping up the clothes for dry cleaning, look at each piece and identify any clothes that have stains. Set them aside and make sure that you notify the cleaner about the garments with stains on them. Blemishes, stains and discolouration need special attention to get rid of them effectively. If you are certain of the source of the stain, bring it to the attention of your service provider as well.

Take Care in Transit

Optimal results from a dry cleaning session also require you to take care of your clothes when taking them to the dry cleaners. Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun by putting the clothes in protective bags or behind tinted windows where there is little impact from the sun.