3 Carpet Care Services Offer By Home Cleaners

When most people think of calling in a professional carpet cleaner, this is because they have a stain which they cannot remove using household cleaning products. While a professional carpet cleaner will certainly be able to help remove tough stains such as red wine from your carpets, that isn't the only reason you should use their services. A residential cleaning company can also offer you a range of other services which will help to keep your carpets in perfect condition. Read More 

Sitting pretty: Three tips for keeping your family’s lounge suite looking great for longer

Children are messy little creatures at the best of times, and the carefree joy of childhood should be encouraged at every opportunity. Unfortunately, the family furniture can bear the brunt of the mess in the process. If your couch is looking a little worse for wear, or you have a new one that you'd like to look after, check out these three tips for keeping your family's lounge suite looking great for longer. Read More 

Simple Tips for Ensuring Your Home’s Bathroom is Always Clean and Hygienic

It's probably safe to say that few people like to clean their home's bathroom, but no one wants to use a bathroom that is anything less than sanitary! Note a few things you can do every day to keep your home's bathroom clean and hygienic between regular scrubbings and mopping, and remember to consider hiring a professional cleaning service to tackle this job for you if you tend to neglect or ignore it. Read More 

Dry Cleaning Tips You Should Never Forget

Technology has been evolving over the years to simplify things and make chores more manageable for you at home. Dry cleaning is a good example of such advancement that has been necessitated by the hardships people go through to clean certain types of garments. The process uses a solvent called DF2000 or perchloroethylene. The solution runs through the material of the clothing and  dissolves dirt, grime and oils before the mixture is extracted, leaving the material clean. Read More 

5 Simple Steps to Remove Red Wine From Your Sofa

Spilling wine on your sofa can seem like a domestic disaster, but there are a few simple steps you can take to resolve the situation. Taking immediate action can save your sofa from becoming permanently stained. Use these five easy steps to get rid of the wine and restore your sofa to its original appearance. 1. Blot the Wine Right Away When you spill wine on your sofa, you must act quickly to avert disaster. Read More