How to Ensure a Commercial Cleaning Company Is Thoroughly Cleaning Your Facility

When you hire a commercial cleaning company to clean your office, warehouse, production facility or other such location, you want to ensure that they're cleaning the space thoroughly and completely. A light dusting and mopping is often not enough to remove deep-down dirt and to ensure the space is hygienic and free of bacteria, germs and other such contaminants. Note a few questions to ask and details to cover with any such company, so you know they are cleaning the space thoroughly with each visit. Read More 

Managing Rubbish Down Chutes

Many multistory buildings have adopted the rubbish chutes system. And why not? Chutes are a convenience for apartment dwellers' garbage disposal needs on every floor irrespective of how high they are. When opting for rubbish chutes hire, however, there are several ways in which the users of these conveniences may rubbish your efforts. For a better experience with hired chutes, any building coop, business, or whichever type of installation can benefit from the following ideas. Read More 

Picking a reputable rubbish removal service

When looking to find a company to remove rubbish from your home, homeowners should be conversant with the facts that characterise a reputable residential rubbish removal service. Here are five tips to assist in your decision making process. Quick removal The garbage removal industry factors in the amount of time spent from client contact to manual removal as a key yard stick of an effective service provider. Rubbish removal is a service business and often by the time you contact a particular service provider, your heap of garbage is ready to go. Read More 

Tips for cleaning out the shed

It's all too easy to place items in the shed and forget about them. Every now and then it can be great to get in and give the shed a good clean out and get rid of some of the accumulated rubbish. Here are some tips.  Contact a rubbish removal service with an environmental focus  It's easy to hire any old skip bin but there are some restrictions on the items that you can place into many skip bins. Read More 

Banish Those Annoying Restroom Odours For Good

When one of your responsibilities is arranging the maintenance and cleaning of your facility, the issue of keeping your public restrooms hygienic and fresh can be a constant concern. This guide will help you identify the chief causes of those annoying unpleasant odours and provide some tips to help you understand how they can be successfully managed by your commercial cleaners. Simple Cleaning Techniques Are Not Enough Public restrooms tend to be one of the areas in a building with the highest traffic and even restrooms that are mopped and cleaned daily can have a lingering odour. Read More